We’re Recruiting at Panoptic Artifex!

We’re Recruiting at Panoptic Artifex!

Okay folks, here’s the deal: We need experienced and talented website designers!

What we do: We are a multimedia design cooperative that provides services for web, print, video and sound design. Most of our projects right now are WordPress-based websites that feature social media plugins, news feeds, and other bells & whistles, so we’re looking for designers and coders that can work within allotted time frames and stay within each project’s budget parameters. This is an ongoing gig, so if you’re a great candidate you will be busy all year!

We are experiencing a heavy flow of work right now, so please don’t waste our time and yours unless you meet the following requirements:

  1. Proven CSS & HTML5 Skills –  We need people who know what they’re doing, are good at what they do, and can accomplish tasks quickly. Does it take you a whole day to style a page according to the comp, or an entire week? We need efficient workers that aren’t going to sit around and let the clock run to pad their pockets. That’s basically stealing from us, and we don’t have room for that here.
  2. Superb Work Ethic – This means you don’t disappear for weeks at a time without answering emails or returning phone calls. We need to be able to communicate with you to keep our clients informed about what stage their project is in, as well as completion time. So if you fail to keep in communication and a project becomes overdue and we lose a client because of it, you’d be in violation of our agreement and won’t get paid.
  3. Good Eye for Detail – Sometimes a project can look pretty jacked if it’s off by only 2 or 3 pixels, so the ideal candidate should be able to notice these types of things and fix them without anyone saying anything to you. If we provide a comp for you to assemble into a web page with CSS, your construction should look virtually identical (within the realm of what’s actually possible, that is). 
  4. WordPress Experience – This is a plus, but not necessarily a must. Most of, actually ALL of our websites are done with WordPress, as it’s become the new norm in content management, which clients love to have so they can easily edit the content on their sites. It would be great if you knew the particulars of the various theme templates and available plugins, compatibility and configuration, as opposed to, “Yeah, I know how to change the text in a post and add images to one.”
  5. You Must be Based in the United States – That doesn’t mean you live in Malaysia but you have a Boston-based Skype or Google Voice number. Sure, $10/hour for a programmer in India would be awesome, but that’s not why we do this. It shouldn’t be all about saving money on programming; it’s about hiring talented people that need jobs right here in America.

» Do NOT apply if you merely represent a design firm and are offering your services in place of us actually hiring someone. If we wanted to do that, we would’ve already called you.

» This is a contracted position where you will get paid outright once the project is finished, and then receive a 1099 at the end of the year to file with the IRS. Sorry, we can’t pay your state-mandated medical insurance yet, but hopefully someday when we’re much larger we will be able to offer you actual benefits and a salary. As for now, our projects are on a per-budget basis. But please don’t feel obligated to “take it in the ass,” so-to-speak, just to get a paid gig. We want you to be happy.

» If you have any questions, please address them in the Additional Information/Message area of the form below.

» Have you read everything above? Yes? Okay, now please fill out the form below completely, and if you’re super awesome, you just might hear back from us!

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