pan·op·tic (pan-ˈäp-tik)
OriginGreek / panoptēs / all-seeingadj1. being or representing a comprehensive view; full-spectrum
2. broad in scope or content; all-encompassing; all-embracing
art·i·fex (ärt-i-feks)
OriginLatinnoun1. artist; actor
2. master craftsman
3. mastermind; schemer

adj1. skilled; artistic
2. expert
3. artful; cunning
4. creative


In 1999, graphic designer and Panoptic Artifex founder Christopher Baima designed his first printed flyer for a New Year’s Eve event in Indianapolis called The Big Apple. It was his desire to apply his artistic creativity to the field of graphic design that led to the creation of 2012graphics, a one-man freelance design business that catered to members of the electronic music industry, in areas of both music production and event promotion.

As technology progressed over the last decade, so did the need to self-educate, adapt, and evolve. With over 95% of new design projects coming in as referrals, the client list had grown exponentially along with the demand for additional services and skill sets. What began as merely flyer design eventually led to web design, Flash design, motion graphics, 3D modeling and rendering, video editing and production, audio editing and production, photography, sign design, product design, and literally everything else you could possibly think of that needed design work in some way. And as the demand for 2012graphics’s services grew, so did the desire and pressing need to transform the one-man business into a fully-fledged design firm that housed multiple designers, coders, and professionals in all areas of expertise.

That’s where Panoptic Artifex comes into play.

As a freelance designer, there were a few issues that would constantly present themselves which posed real challenges for both freelancers and the self-employed. First there’s benefits, next is taxes, and lastly, but most importantly is steady income. The perpetual dilemma was, “I can’t afford insurance because I don’t have steady income. I don’t have steady income because I don’t have a corporate job, plus I have to pay 100% of my income tax and social security contributions myself. I can’t get a corporate job because no one is hiring and/or the market is too saturated.”

On top of that are the horror stories from other designers and technical professionals like, “I had a great job at Such-and-Such corporation making good money. Then I took a job at Even Better Such-and-Such corporation 1,500 miles away for better pay and they laid me off after 60 days because their fiscal quarter didn’t meet investors’ expectations. Now I’m screwed!”

Scenarios like these were the fire that ignited the transformation from 2012graphics to Panoptic Artifex. Instead of waiting in line to join the ranks of a design firm that he always wanted 2012graphics to be, Christopher decided that 2013 was the time to transcend into that role, to help employ those ultra-skilled and talented professionals that continually experience the nightmare scenarios mentioned above, and allow them the freedom to design and create at their full potential.

Armed with dozens of expert professionals, both friends and acquaintances from all across the country with whom he had worked and built strong, dependable, mutually respectful relationships over the years, and challenged, but blessed, with a continually growing client list and pipeline, 2013 was now the time for Christopher to bring all of them together to create a full-spectrum, all-encompassing design cooperative that puts the most skilled individuals in their respective fields to work on any project requiring design or artistic creation in any form.

No longer a goal but now a reality, Panoptic Artifex is already rapidly filling into the role it was created for. Now able to offer nearly limitless design services for projects as simple as event flyers or business cards, or as large as a 30 second HD TV commercial or an Empire State Building-sized advertisement, Panoptic Artifex will get the task accomplished, one way or another. And if it’s something the staff hasn’t done before, they will learn how to do it, so it becomes part of the ever-growing repertoire of elite skill sets applied to everything produced by Panoptic Artifex.